OnoD Omedetou!!!

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ยินดีกะ Ono Daisuke ซังด้วยนะคะ


OnoD Omedetou!! 

for getting the Best Lead Actor

on the 4th Annual Seiyuu Awards!!







The winners of the 4th Annual Seiyūu Awards were announced in Tokyo on Saturday night:


Best Lead Actor Award

Daisuke Ono
Mouse Promotion
Kuroshitsuji's Sebastian

Best Lead Actress Award

Miyuki Sawashiro
Mouse Promotion
CANAAN's title character, Letter Bee's Lag Seeing, Kimi ni Todoke's Ayane Yano
(Last year's Best Supporting Actress award-winner)

Best Supporting Actor Awards

Daisuke Namikawa
Across Entertainment
07-Ghost's Mikage, Kimi ni Todoke's Shōta Kazehaya

Shinichiro Miki
81 Produce
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood's Roy Mustang, Mobile Suit Gundam 00's Lockon Stratos

Best Supporting Actress Awards

Kikuko Inoue
Office Anemone
Clannad After Story's Sanae Furukawa, Macross Frontier's Grace O'Connor

Yui Horie
Toradora!'s Minori Kushieda, Bakemonogatari's Tsubasa Hanekawa

Special Merit Award

Kazue Takahashi (1929-1999)
Sazae-san's Katsuo, The Lucy Show's Lucille Ball (Japanese dubbing)

Merit Awards

Tesshô Genda
81 Produce
Dr. Slump's Suppaman, Transformers' Convoy (Optimus Prime), Arnold Schwarzenegger (Japanese dubbing)
Nobuo Tanaka
Tokyo Actor's Consumer's Cooperative Society (Haikyo)
Gatchaman's Sosai X, Combat!'s Sgt. Saunders
  Kazuko Sugiyama
Aoni Production
Alps no Shōjo Heidi's Heidi, Gatchaman's Jun the Swan (G-3), Gu Gu Ganmo's Ganmo, Urusei Yatsura's Ten

Kei Tomiyama Award

Nana Mizuki
Sigma Seven
Ultimate Diamond album (Oricon-ranked #1 in first-week sales), "Nana Mizuki Live Diamond 2009" concert (30,000 attendees), first seiyū to perform at Kōhaku Uta Gassen (Japan's most watched music television special)

Kids/Family Award

Wasabi Mizuta
Aoni Production
Doraemon's title character

Synergy Award

Mobile Suit Gundam
Tohru Furuya (Aoni Production, Amuro Ray), Shuuichi Ikeda (Haikyo, Char Aznable)

Overseas Fan Award

Mitsuki Saiga
Ken Production
Kyo kara Maoh!'s Wolfram, Peacemaker's Souji Okita

Best Singing Award

Aki Toyosaki
Music Ray'n
Yōko Hikasa
I'm Enterprise
Satomi Satou
Aoni Production
Minako Kotobuki
Music Ray'n
Ayana Taketatsu I'm Enterprise
[All five perform as "Hōkago Teatime" in K-ON!, and their self-titled CD release was the first anime character CD release to top Oricon's weekly album or single chart.]

Best Personality Award

Masaya Onosaka
Aoni Production
Atsumare Masakano Henshuū-bu, A&G GAME MASTER GT-R, and many other anime radio programs

Best New Actor Awards

Atsushi Abe
Ken Production
Toaru Majutsu no Index's Toma Kamijo

Tomoaki Maeno
White Album's Tōya Fujii, Sora no Manimani's Saku Ooyagi

Best New Actress Awards

Kanae Itō
Aoni Production
Sora no Manimani's Mihoshi Akeno, Taishō Yakyū Musume.'s Koume Suzukawa, Shugo Chara!'s Amu Hinamori

Aki Toyosaki
Music Ray'n
K-ON!'s Yui Hirasawa, Kanamemo's Kana Nakamachi


Credit : DGS,animenewsnetwork, Blog ของคุณ lightvamp 




แต่ปีนี้ โอโนะซังทำได้แล้ววววววววว


ยินดีด้วยนะคะ  ><



ปล พึ่งรู้ว่า มิกิซังพากษ์ รอย ใน FMA  =="



ปล2 เอนทรี่นี้  อัพสนองนี๊ดตัวเองคะ  ฮ่าๆๆๆๆ


ขอบคุณที่เข้ามาอ่านและเม้นบล็อกให้นะคะ  ^^


[EDIT] เพิ่มรูป โอโนะซังไปแล้วนะคะ  ^///^





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